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FotoFest 2018 Biennial

Participating Spaces

FotoFest welcomes Participating Spaces for the 2018 Biennial.

FotoFest Participating Spaces are the over 120 independent venues across the city of Houston, and the surrounding region, that organize and present photography exhibitions alongside FotoFest's central exhibitions, during the FotoFest Biennial. The Participating Spaces are integral to the Biennial's success.

FotoFest invites all interested organizations and individuals to be Participating Spaces in the 2018 Biennial. Participation is free.

Participating Spaces are free to show photography related to any theme or idea they like and do not have to follow FotoFest theme to participate. FotoFest will not be accepting artist submissions, but If you would like input or suggestions, please feel free to contact us for guidance. We are always happy to help!

FotoFest lists all Participating Spaces on the FotoFest website and the printed 2018 Biennial Map and Calendar free of charge. FotoFest not only lists exhibition information, but includes artist talks, panel discussions, tours, films, etc. FotoFest prints and distributes over 17,500 Biennial Map and Calendars around the city of Houston and at other locations around the state.

FotoFest offers Participating Spaces and exhibiting artists the opportunity to share their portfolios at the Evening with the Artists events. FotoFest will host three nights where over 150 artists from the Meeting Place - Portfolio Review show their portfolios to invited reviewers and the general public. We have set aside 10 tables each night for Participating Spaces. We will begin accepting requests for tables in January 2018.

If you are interested in being a Participating Space or receiving additional information, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW.

We look forward to working with you!

Please direct questions to: 
Jennifer Ward
Associate Curator and Publications Director
2000 Edwards Street, Building C, Suite 2, Houston, TX 77007
713-223-5522 ext 18,

Fill out my online form


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