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Lindsay Morris

Lindsay Morris, Meadow, 2012. From the series You Are You. Courtesy of the artist/INSTITUTE.

You are You, 2007-2012

You Are You documents an annual weekend summer camp for gender-nonconforming children and their families. This camp offers a temporary safe haven where children can freely express their interpretations of gender alongside their parents and siblings without feeling the need to look over their shoulders.

In 2007 I started attending camp with a family member. In 2012, it was with a great deal of courage that the camp parents and children agreed to have selected images published as the cover story of the New York Times Magazine. This started what we all agreed was a very important and timely dialogue in a public forum. Since then this story has been published in France, Italy, Germany, Israel, Australia and Eastern Europe, demonstrating a common global interest in the predicament of gender independent youth.

By sharing this unique story, I intend to reach beyond the confines of the camp to contribute to a dialogue about the crucial role that support plays in the lives of gender-creative children. A lack of understanding of gender identity and the ways in which these children express themselves often leads to discrimination. Through these images the viewer will experience something different; a groundbreaking, heart-opening place that serves as the backdrop for this important moment in history. Where the first gender creative childhood is being freely expressed.

Lindsay Morris


Born and raised in suburban Detroit, Lindsay Morris resides on the East End of Long Island with her husband and two children. Her passion for photography began at age 18, when she was given her first camera while spending a year in South Africa as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. Lindsay Morris began her formal studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and holds a BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art.

Morris’ work has been published in TIME Magazine; the New York Times Magazine; (cover story), GEO Germany and GEO International; Days Japan; Loupe; PDN; Marie Claire; Elle; Internazionale; Haaretz Israel; and Sunday Life Australia. Her work has also been featured on photography blogs including VICE; TIME LightBox; WPO; Fraction; Slate/Behold; and

A participant in FotoFest’s 2014 Meeting Place Portfolio Review, Morris was a 2013 Critical Mass finalist and a nominee for the 2013 Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Recent solo exhibitions include Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago (2013); the Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO (2014); RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco (2015); and Clamp Art, New York (2015). Lindsay has also been featured in numerous group exhibitions, including Outono Fotografico Festival, Spain; Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, NY; and the Fence at Photoville, Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA. Her 2015 book You Are You is published by Kehrer Verlag, Berlin.

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