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2017 Exhibitions

René Peña (Cuba), Cabeza Blanca, 2015. Courtesy of the artist.
International Discoveries is about discovery, cultural perspectives and different ways of seeing the world.
International Discoveries VI  highlights 13 artists from Asia, Latin America and the United States, whose works have been “discovered” by FotoFest curators at international and U.S. photography events and artist studios across the globe.
It is a continuation of FotoFest’s efforts over 30 years to promote global exchange and engage with culture in the United States and the city of Houston. The concept and purpose of International Discoveries is deeply rooted in the mission and values of FotoFest.
The exhibition and the events around it become a center of creative possibility that highlights FotoFest’s commitment to internationalism, cross-cultural exchange, and the core educational principles of FotoFest’s art programs.
This exhibition is dedicated to longtime FotoFest supporter and Board Member James C. Kempner, who took joy in the discovery of new talent.


Ilana Bar (Brazil) 
Tad Beck (USA)
Dai Xiang (China)
Paola Dávila (Mexico)
Fábio Del Re (Brazil)
Qian Jin (China)
Jung A Kim (Korea)
Hyunmoo Lee (Korea)
Tuany Lima (Brazil)
Eustáquio Neves (Brazil)
René Peña (Cuba)
Marcel Rius (Mexico)
Zhang Kechun (China)

The artists were encountered by FotoFest’s curatorial team at international photography events, art institutions and visits to artist studios including: the Daegu Photo Biennale in Daegu, Korea; FestFotoPoA in Porto Alegre, Brazil; Foro Latino-Americano de Fotografia in Sao Paulo, Brazil; FotOax in Oaxaca, Mexico; the Lianzhou Foto Festival in Lianzhou, China; the PhotoLondon Art Fair in London, U.K.; the Spritmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden; and the Foundation for a Civil Society, Initiative for Culture and Society in Cuba.

Paola Dávila (Mexico), Shoulder strap, from the book ‘The Body Postures and Deleterious Habits of Children, Including a list of Remedial Measures,’ Schreber, D.G.M., 1853, 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Patricia Conde GalerÍa, Mexico City

through March 18, 2017 
Silver Street Studios
2000 Edwards Street
Houston, TX 77007

Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 5pm

Thursday, January 19, 6-9pm
Artists Reception
with artists Tad Beck, Paola Dávila, Qian Jin, Jung A Kim, Hyunmoo Lee, and René Peña
Saturday, January 21, 2pm
Saturday Matinee Artist Talks
with artists Tad Beck, Paola Dávila, Qian Jin, Jung A Kim, Hyunmoo Lee, and René Peña
Thursday, February 16, 6-8pm
Artists Reception
with artists Ilana Bar, Fábio Del Re, Tuany Lima, Eustáquio Neves, and Marcel Rius
Saturday, February 18, 2pm
Saturday Matinee Artist Talks
with artists Ilana Bar, Fábio Del Re, Tuany Lima, Eustáquio Neves, and Marcel Rius
Saturday, March 18, 2pm
Saturday Matinee Curator Tour

Through its international programming over the past 30 years and participation in photography festivals and commercial fairs around the world, FotoFest makes it possible for artists to have both local and global exposure for their work. International Discoveries is a key part of FotoFest’s mission – to discover and support artistic talent, strengthen international connections, and create a platform to bring new photographic talent to broader audiences across the world, Houston and the U.S.


Eustáquio Neves (Brazil)
From the series Letters from the Sea, 2015
Courtesy of the artist

Tad Beck (USA)
Double Document – Lance Gries 2, 2013
Courtesy of the artist

Arlene Alligood; Kenneth Anderson and Andreanne Vachon; Bill Arning and Mark McCray; Kath and Jorge Blanco; Michael and Katy Casey; Anne and Albert Chao; Jenny and Allen Craig; Mohammed and Annick Dekiouk; Steven Evans and David Klonkowski; Rashed Haq and Tayyba Kanwal; Carola and John Herrin; Edouard Philippe and Marta Sánchez Philippe; Gregory and Lisa Spier; Joelle Verstraeten and Geoffroy Petit; Eliane Thweatt; Wendy Watriss and Frederick Baldwin; Foundation for a Civil Society, Initiative for Culture and Society in Cuba; and Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Houston Endowment; The Brown Foundation, Inc.; City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance; National Endowment for the Arts; Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation; The Wortham Foundation; Texas Commission on the Arts; Judith and Gamble Baldwin; The Powell Foundation; FotoFest Board of Directors; David and Allison Ayers; Urban Expositions / Houston Art Fair; Silver Street Studios; Hexagroup; Iland Internet Solutions; Julie and Andrew Alexander; Edward and Chinui Allen; Jorge Blanco; Carol Kazmer Liffman; James Edward Maloney; Veronique Prentice; Eliane Thweatt; and generous donors to the FotoFest Annual Fund
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