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Ilana Bar (Brazil)

Transparências de lar [Transparencies of home]

Ilana Bar, Carlão and me, 2016. From the series Transparências de lar [Transparencies of Home], 2008-2016. Courtesy of the artist


This essay is about the emotional universe of my own reality. It is a date between me and my family, and history.

These are intimate portraits and scenes that can only occur in context of the trust that exists between us. Every family has its peculiarities. My family lives on a farm and has a peculiar characteristic: I have a brother with Down syndrome, and two uncles, who are twins, also with Down syndrome. This syndrome in my family is not the primary or specific focus of my work: it is human relationship. The creative intent of my photographs comes from the close relationship between the individual people in my images. The formation of these images comes from a partnership between the photographer and the photographed.

To portray my own family’s reality, I bring affection to an everyday universe and my human reflection on life, beauty, diversity, and difference.

Ilana Bar


Ilana Bar earned her B.A. in photography, in 2010, from Senac University Center, São Paulo, Brazil, where she currently lives and works. She was brought up in a rural area of the city of Atibaia, near São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Her work often focuses on her own family including her twin uncles and her brother, who were born with Down syndrome. In Transparências de lar [Transparencies of home], Ilana Bar photographs her family’s daily life in their multi-generational home. In 2010, she was awarded first place at the in Eighth International Festival of Photo Image in Atibaia for this series.

Ilana Bar’s work has been shown in several group shows and fairs in São Paulo and Atibaia. She continues to study at the University of São Paulo.



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