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Tuany Lima (Brazil)


LEFT: Tuany Lima, Untitled, from the series Áurea, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.
RIGHT: Tuany Lima, Untitled, from the series Áurea, 2016. Courtesy of the artist


The compulsion for aesthetic perfection has become an epidemic of the twenty-first century. Technology helps promote the dreams of absurdity and exaggeration that are imposed on us by a dictatorship of beauty. Aesthetic standards that are often unachievable are taken as the goal of life for many young people. To achieve such paradigms, these young people commit many excesses, using technological resources such as computer software and digital image editing to get closer to their idealized standards of beauty. And in some cases, they risk their lives in plastic surgery clinics.

Using appropriated images from the catalogue of a debutante ball, Áurea is intended to be a reflection of the world in which we live today—the world where very young girls are capable of doing anything and everything to attain the standards of beauty they impose on themselves. The Debutante Ball (Cotillion Ball) is a social ritual of the elite upper class in Rio Grande do Sul, especially in Porto Alegre (the state capital), and in traditional Brazilian social clubs. At the end of the ball, the debutantes, who are making their public entrance into society, receive a catalogue with their photos, made by a photographer and a graphic designer hired for the event.

Tuany Lima


Tuany Lima was born in San Jerónimo, Brazil in 1990. She discovered photography as a young teenager, curious to see beyond the obvious and then record what she saw. Her photography guided her choice of profession; she earned degrees in advertising and graphic design. After working for seven years in advertising and graphic design she combined all her professional knowledge with her experience in photography to create Áurea, a series of photographs of women, each notated and enhanced with Photoshop to show what the women wanted to have done to change the way they look in their photographs. Lima calls these changes “aesthetic absurdities of (the) current times.” Áurea was selected for Discovery Awards Projection at Encontros da Imagem 2016 in Braga, Portugal. The Discovery Awards Projection features thirteen artists under 30 years of age. At the IV Latin American Photography Forum, São Paulo her work was selected as one of the seventy-five best portfolios. Images from Áurea and an interview with Lima appear in OLD/revista fotográfica magazine in issue 59 and will be included in Convention 143 published by Beira/Movida Editorial Fotográfica, Porto Alegre in March 2017.


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