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Marcel Rius (Mexico)

Fanatic Wars

Marcel Rius, Eduardo Rangel, Student in Audiovisual Communications, age 21. From the series Fanatic Wars, 2013. Courtesy of the artist.


Many people have an alter ego or a double life reflected in their work, in what they wear, or how they act in various moments.

Fanatic Wars is based on the alter egos that Mexicans have been creating since 1977, with the release of the first Star Wars film, A New Hope. Disguised as their favorite characters, these “heroes” come from a wide mix of different social classes, including from families with young children, who also take part. Their Star Wars alter ego transforms them into other people: the heroes they feel they aren’t in daily life, or at least not the sort of heroes who defend the fate of the universe.

I feel that we are all reflected in these people somehow; it is in the contact that remains in the inner child. The costumes they have bought (or have spent a long time making themselves) are like armor that takes them away from their reality. It is in these moments that they are immersed in a magical world of dreams where everything is possible, until the mask comes off again.

Marcel Rius


Marcel Rius was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1970, where he worked as an assistant for commercial photographers. Moving to Mexico City in the mid-2000s, he worked as a commercial photographer and later opened a gallery, Tingladography, in Oaxaca. He has since become interested in fine art photography and he continuously works on different personal projects.

His work has been featured in collective and solo exhibitions Spain and Mexico. In Fanatic Wars, Rius considers the motivations of Star Wars fans that dress in elaborate costumes, transforming themselves into their favorite character. For the fans their costumes do not just change them externally but internally as well, allowing them to become their dreams. His book Fanatic Wars was published by Trilce Ediciones, Mexico City in 2015.


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